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The Januzzi footwear family has been serving northern Ohio since 1926. The emphasis has always been to provide the highest level of caring personal service while providing the best possible footwear solution for each customer and patient served.

Our services include expert shoe fitting for people who have special needs due to feet that are hard-to-fit or for those who suffer from foot ailments or conditions that can not be satisfied by shopping at typical stores that do not have the knowledge or expertise required to solve the problem.

We also feature a fully accredited pedorthic facility and have two certified and licensed pedorthists on site. We provide diabetic shoes covered by Medicare and most private insurers.

We have an extensive selection of over-the-counter orthotics and foot supports and can also fill prescriptions for custom made orthotics and custom shoes. We work closely with your doctor in the prevention and treatment of all foot and ankle ailments.

We feature only shoes that are appropriate for extra support and stability and to assist with balance and overall foot, ankle and body health. We feature the Pro-Care selection of New Balance, Aravon and Dunham brand shoes as well as SAS, Hush Puppies, P.W. Minor, Canfield, Apex, Aetrex, Drew, Pedors, Orthaheels, Crocs, Red Wing, Carolina and Wolverine. We also specialize in fitting infant walking shoes by Jumping Jacks.

Our single location is in Amherst, Ohio and is owned and operated by Roland and Connie Januzzi. The business was founded by Enrico and Stella Januzzi in 1926 and was built and developed by Al “The Shoe Professor” and Carmelene Januzzi from 1948 to 2003 and Ettore Januzzi from 1948 to 1984.

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